Devin Singh

Social theorist / religion scholar / critical visionary

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Devin Singh is connecting cutting-edge theoretical reflection with practical action in the public sphere, including social and business innovation and ethics, leadership and human development, community engagement, institutional diversity and change, cross-cultural communication, conflict and team management, and inclusive practices in firms.

He’s passionate about bringing the wealth of insights from the academy to bear on everyday issues, and believes the intellectual heritage of the humanities and arts are particularly relevant to public concerns, political and social challenges, as well as economic development. Rather than simplistic templates, cookie-cutter fixes, and shallow slogans, the riches of the humanities offer centuries of deep wisdom and creativity to face challenges that emerge in personal life, the public sphere, politics, diplomacy, and business contexts.

Devin works as a trainer, adviser, coach, and consultant in private sector and non-profit settings.

Areas where Devin has offered training, speaking, advising, and written content include:

  • The public, social, and economic relevance of the humanities and liberal arts

  • Cultural intelligence, cross-cultural communication, and global citizenship

  • Business and society, business ethics, CSR, and economic justice

  • Communication, pedagogy, interpersonal, and team dynamics

  • Organizational diversity, inclusivity, and unconscious bias

  • Leadership and personal development

  • Academic and career coaching

  • Emotional intelligence

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Contact Devin to speak at your next event or to provide training and content on specific issues relevant to your organization.

Clients Include:

  • Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

  • St. Paul’s School, NH

  • SurePeople, LLC

  • WealthCounsel, LLC

  • Estey-Hoover